Imagine (really…close your eyes) a face oil that provides intense moisturization, absorbs quickly and won’t clog pores. Now imagine it leaving your skin looking young, fresh, and damn near when you were in your 20’s. We couldn’t believe it either, but seeing (open those gorgeous peepers) is believing! Our latest and greatest YES TO Blueberries Face & Neck Oil  does just that with the power of L22.

You know what a blueberry is and how delicious it tastes (of course), but what is L22?

It’s a patented, botanically-derived ingredient that helps deliver the skin lipid profile of a healthy 22-year old.

Now what does that mean for you?

IT means that L22 can help bring balance back to your skin, helping to leave it firmer, younger (looking), and remind you of all those good things about your skin from when you were 22 (besides no hangovers, sleeping in, and wearing PJ’s to class… ah, the good ole days). This super effective ingredient uses some amazing skincare technology derived naturally from Macadamia, Jojoba, and Olive, which helps balance skin surface lipids.

How does it work?

Ok, we’re going to get a little science-y on you… bear with us. Skin surface lipids include triglycerides, wax esters, squalene, sterol esters, and sterols (try saying that three times!).

All you need to know is that L22 takes botanical components and tailors them to match the human skin-surface lipids (those guys above) typically found in a 22 year old (mind.blown!) Try it, live it, and then cheers to it with some good champagne… unfortunately, we cant help with the hangover the next day.

 Fun fact: Did you know our YES TO Blueberries Face & Neck Oil is the very first product in the US to use L22? Ahead of the curve? We think so! Get your hands on it HERE.

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