Our very first Fragrance Free products just hit shelves and we’ve being hearing quite the buzz around them (we think they’re pretty awesome too). And the question on everyone’s lips is…

Why launch our first Fragrance Free in the YES TO Carrots family? 

Well, a few reasons actually…

    • It’s our heritage veggie family; this line goes back to our “roots” – natural skin care products to nourish the skin using veggie based ingredients (which are naturally rich in vitamins like beta carotene and vitamin A)
    • It’s common for those who have sensitive skin to have dry skin, so we wanted to offer some of our favorite YES TO Carrots products (known for rich moisture thanks to natural hydration powerhouses like shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil)
    • And well, let’s face it – not everyone loves our YES TO Carrot fragrance, but everyone loves options, right?

Shop the NEW YES TO Carrots Fragrance Free Collection HERE.

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