This month we asked for you to show us where in the world you were jet-setting off too (and if YES TO  was coming with you)! So many snaps were submitted through Instagram or Twitter and tagged #YESTOTRAVELS that showed you near and far.  After much deliberation (and our panel suffering from a major case of wanderlust) we’re happy to announce…

Congratulations @tracyahamer!


We loved that your #YESTOTRAVELS snap showed you off on your sunny, outdoors mountain adventure! Plus, staying protected with our Yes to Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Sun Stick showed off your sun smarts (you smarty pants, you!).

You’ll be receiving a $100 to spend on all your favorite YES TO goodies, and with plenty of products ready to head off on your travel adventures with you we hope you’ll be set and ready with everything to keep looking (and feeling) gorgeous for your next trip.


Thank you to EVERYONE who posted their #YESTOTRAVELS pics! From the pyramids in Egypt to the Eiffel Tower in Paris – we saw some amazing ones!  Plus, many reminded us all you really need is a map and a few essentials (including your YES TO) to trot the globe.

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