The #YESTOMOVEMENT Hashtag Project is a monthly photo contest, giving you a simple way to share your YES MOMENTS (and win some rad PRIZES). We’ve hashed out the details below…read on!



March is National Women’s History Month and we’re making it all about the ladies (guys we still love you!). The goal this month is to inspire, empower, and get women to say YES more!


Here’s what YOU do… 

  1. Grab your phone, turn it around, and snap a selfie (you know the drill!)
  2. In your caption answer the following three questions:
    • What do you say YES TO?
    • What you are afraid of saying YES TO?
    • How can YES TO help?


Here’s what YES TO will do… 

 We’ll choose one lucky lady and help her overcome her fear of saying YES! She’ll receive the resources (and all our support) to empower her to face it head on (you go girl!).


Join Maggie, Ash, Emmy and Jasmine (along with many other #YESWOMEN) …


SAY YES and let’s make history! Happy Hashtagging!

Want to see the YES MOMENTS as they’re happening? Take a peek at the gallery HERE.

Haven’t joined  the #YESTOMOVEMENT yet? Sign up HERE to stay in the loop.


5 Responses

    • YesTo Carrots
      YesTo Carrots

      Hi Lauren! Post your picture to Instagram or Twitter with the #YESWOMEN and #YESTOMOVEMENT. Make sure your profile is public too (so we can see it!)

  1. Hope

    Do the Selfies have to be recent? I have one from 2011 that has really changed my life to this day? And can we post to both to Instagram and Twitter?

    • YesTo Carrots
      YesTo Carrots

      Hi Hope! It may be a selfie you took awhile ago, but it must be posted during this month with your answers in the caption. And yes, you may post to both Instagram and Twitter! Also, make sure your profile is public so we can see it! Happy snapping!


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