Whether you’re heading out on a sexy date for Valentine’s Day or spending it with your girlfriends (Valentine’s? Pssh, try GAL-entine’s!), we’ve got a quick day-to-night makeup revamp that’ll get you painting the town red!

What you’ll need: Lashes, lash glue, black eye shadow, eye liner, blush, color balm, and a couple of makeup brushes.


    1. Using a crease brush, press your favorite black shadow into your outer crease, focusing on deepening the color.
    2. Blend any harsh lines with a fluffy blending brush (its almost like you’re giving your eye a massage!
    3. Re-apply any eyeliner you have on, giving it a sassy wing!
    4. Paint a small strip of glue on a pair of wispy false lashes and carefully place along your lash line.
    5. Add a rosy color to your cheeks and lips (like our YES TO Carrots Color Balm in Rosy Bloom) and you’re good to go!




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